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The Quality

of Essetex

ESSETEX Interni Srl qualifies in the precision of cutting and manufacture as well as in the choice of the raw materials. Its long experience allows it to utilize horse hair, hair interlinings and wedding, whose composition and resistance suit in the best way to the requirements of the jackets.
Chest-pieces are the company’s heart and they are made both on costumer’s demand and by proposing one’ patterns.
. Each detail is taken care of, the traditional chest-piece in manufactured like in the tailor’s manual labour; it is dipped and dried in a centrifugal machine and in rooms with a controlled humidity and temperature level so that the best possible adherence to the fabric is guaranteed

Essetex interni s.r.l.
Viale dell’Agricoltura, 18 36016 Thiene Vicenza Tel. +39 0445 380840 Fax +39 0445 365604
P.I. IT00891300246 - Capitale sociale 26.000 EUR
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